President Karzai’s Biweekly Radio Speech

Saturday, February 22, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Dear countrymen, brothers and sisters!
I’m happy that elections campaigns of presidential candidates for the upcoming process of April-5, 2014 started three weeks ago, which has strengthened people’s trust in democracy in the country.
Dear countrymen!
Afghanistan has experienced presidential elections two times in its political life in the past 12 years and if Allah is willing, the country will take another step forward towards consolidating the democracy by holding the presidential elections for the third time and our countrymen will cast votes to their desired candidates.
Participation of our countrymen eligible to voting in the election can guarantee successful elections.
Dear sisters and brothers!
Differentiation in views and voting is common in all democratic systems, which are natural and considered as key staple of democracy.
Discrepancy in views and thoughts are not considered as personnel difference.
We have now 11 presidential candidates entering election campaigns, showing improvement of democracy in our country.
Thus, we can cast vote with full freedom to our desired candidate and further strengthen our dear country through our participation in the upcoming elections.
I hope the candidates’ election campaigns result in solidarity and strengthening our country’s national unity.
Dear countrymen!
Holding a secure and successful election is related to direct cooperation of people. The country’s national security forces and cooperation of people will be able to maintain security for the elections so that we can all go to voting station in a peaceful environment to cast vote to our desired candidate.
Once again I’m declaring that no members of government can make use of the government means in favor and against the candidates.
H hope the elections held in a peaceful and secure environment and result in further strengthening of the country, consolidation of stability, democracy and our national unity and brining goodness and peace to our people.

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