President Karzai’s Decree

Saturday, February 22, 2014
Kabul (BNA) I’m approving a security committee under the chairmanship of commander for 203 Tandar Corps General Mohammad Sharif Yaftali and the following member for adopting necessary measures and coordination in maintaining security during the ending festival ceremony of Ghazni city as Center of Islamic Culture in Asia to be held on 23rd of Feb on behalf of ICESCO with participation of a number of senior high-ranking domestic and foreign guests in Ghazni, capital city of Ghazni province.
1. Police chief of provincial NDS chief for Kabul.
2. Operating deputy directorate for protection of key government figures.
3. A high-ranking representative of 111 ANA division.
4. Police chief provincial NDS chief for Maidan/Wardak.
5. Ghazni police and provincial NDS chiefs.
6. ANA brigade commander to Ghazni.
The security committee is tasked to maintain security for the ceremony held in Ghazni city with participation of high-ranking domestic and foreign guests and seriously oversee from the executions of security personnel in areas where the festival is held, roads and guest houses.
The security committee should continually report from its executions to National Security Council of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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