President Praised Vast Participation of Herat People In Election

Sunday, April 06, 2014
Kabul (BNA) In a telephone conversation with governor of Herat Fazlullah Wahidi president Hamid Karzai praised vast participation of Herat people in  election.
The governor of Herat assured on availability of proper ground for people participation in election emphasize that local organ is determined to organize a transparent election in open atmosphere.
In this telephone contact which took place during visit of Herat governor from polling station of Khawaja Mohammad Taki high school located in the center of Herat city, the president asking on the level of people participation  in  election, thanked efforts of local officials.
The governor of Herat assured on the high level of people participation in election to the presidential authority, emphasized that excessive interest of Herat in the election was appreciable.
BNA, reporter Jailani Farhad who had visited polling centers in Herat city, said that the number of voters especially women has been remarkable.
In each center in Heart, thousands men and women waited hours in long lines, so to use their right of votes for election of future leader.

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