Presidential Delegation Meets With Striking Women In Herat

Saturday, February 22, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Herat Governor met with a delegation sent by the office of the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in western Herat province.
Where both sides discussed the main cases of the female prisoners is approaching to hunger strike.
The probe team was led by a member of the oversight commission for implementation of the constitution, Lutfurrahman Sayed, according to Bakhtar News Agency.
Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi, governor of Herat province welcoming the sent delegation of the presidential office and detailed about the steps taken by the local authorities in this field.
He said his office had also assigned a delegation to provide the challenges’ faced by the female prisoners in the province, where the prisoners refrained from any talks with the probe team.
Appreciating the attention paid by the presidential office, Wahidi discussed the problems and demands of the prisoners via a telephone contacts with the president.
“The sent delegation would inclusively assess the problems faced by the prisoners on what they said a failure to comprehensively meet their files”, the governor assured.
Representatives from the ministry of women affairs, administrative affairs, independent local organs administration and Attorney General Office (AGO) were included in the dispatched team to the province according to BNA, head of sent delegation, Lutfurrahman Sayed appreciated the measures taken by the provincial governor in the connection and added an inclusive report would be sent to the presidential office after completion of the investigations.
Provincial women attorney chairman, Marya Bashir cortically criticized the way of the striking prisoners’ behavior with the security officials and asked for full investigation of the suspects files.
13 of the imprisoned women who were reportedly involved in murder and kidnapping and were on hunger strike had been asked to be forgiven by the president and released of the jail, according to agency.
The prisoners during their strike have closed the jail gates to the guards and prevented any types of their entrance inside.
Since the recent few years, this is the first time that women prisoners had gone on hunger strike in the Herat province jail, where some hundreds women are languishing in the prison.

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