Presidential Runners Have No Certain, Strategic Programs For Economic Expansion, MPs and Witnesses

Saturday March 1, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Despite close to three weeks has been passed as of beginning presidential campaign by runners, but, a number of witnesses in economic affairs and countrymen say that so far, no attractive program of improvement of living situation, providing labor opportunities and salvation of the country from economic attachment of donors’ contributions has been offered by the presidential runners.
A lecturer in Kabul University’s faculty of economy and witness in economic affairs, Saifuddin Saihoon said in the connection that the presidential runners more chanted slogans so far sans they have any study about the economic situation of the country.
As a whole, they discussed and detailed about the issues only through slogans. While Afghanistan needs more to fixed studying of certain programs, unfortunately, the presidential runners topped more their campaign agenda negotiation with opponents, the way of enforcement and funding of security forces. In this campaign, the issue of economy of Afghanistan pushed into margin of their programs.
Saihoon added that the up-coming presidential elections of Afghanistan taken place simultaneous with withdrawal of international forces from the country. So, it is destiny-making and important. According to him, presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan during over one decade helped more in improvement of economic situation and reduction of unemployment.
But with withdrawal of these forces, the level of contribution of international community will also reduce. Similarly, the working opportunities would also reduce. So, the presidential runners should have comprehensive and acceptable programs for a stable economy in the future. This lecturer of KU says that although political stability in any political system links to the economic situation of that country but, in Afghanistan, less attention has been paid in the connection so far. Because of relatively insecurities, more attention has been paid to security issues. Based on the same the presidential runners also topped the security situation as their electoral campaign and touched less on economic issues. He asserted the fact is this that the people are fonder to know about economic programs for improvement of their living situation.
Another economic witness Amir Mohammad says that the presidential campaign of presidential runners that has begun officially and is continuing so far in the capital and provinces, and eleven nominees compete, so far, they offered no special program regarding the way of improvement economic situation of the country. He added that the people of Afghanistan are expecting their politicians especially those who nominated themselves for presidential elections so they draft and offer the programs that rescue Afghanistan from possible economic and security crises after withdrawal of international forces from the country. Amir Mohammad added that those who offer program for improvement of economic situation, they should also have with themselves the technical issues and economic figure as well, because, the economic programs need exact analyze and the ways of salvation from them. At the same time, a number of MPs says that Afghanistan has good opportunities for the growth of its economy and the nominees should benefit from these opportunities and offer certain programs for the growth of the economy of Afghanistan.
Likewise, member of economic commission of house of people, Ramazan Juma says that although more opportunities are available in the country for the growth of economy, but it needs strong and healthy management. The people of Afghanistan expecting the presidential runners to offer economic programs in detail so, the people are assured about their future. According to him, pay9ing attention toward agriculture, mines, infrastructures, providing employment and salvation of Afghanistan from economic attachment are from among the issues that the presidential runners should pay more attention to them. At the same time, a number of countrymen are also dissatisfied with economic programs offered by presidential runners and say that those programs are set-forth as a whole, but how these programs would implement, no discussion has been made in the connection. One of our citizens Mirwais said in this respect that security and economy are the main issue that made people concerned. We expect the nominees to offer their programs to the people in a manner that the people are sure about their future and we expect our economy to get improvement. This is in a time the people of Afghanistan experience the third presidential and provincial councils’ elections and the elections of 1393 that taken place simultaneous with withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, is important and destiny making for our people.     

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