Probe Team Sent To Assess Prisoners’ Problem In Takhar

Saturday, February 22, 2014
Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai sent a team to launch investigations into the problems faced by the prisoners in Northern Province of Takhar, where their files are expected to be assessed on time, Bakhter News Agency said yesterday.
According to the administrative affairs Dept. and secretariat for the council of ministers, under the presidential order, the dispatched team is led by Lutfurrahman Sayed, member of the oversight commission for implementation of the constitution and membership of Muzhgan Mustafawi, deputy professional minister of women affairs, Col. Rahmatullah advisor for the defense and security of the administrative affairs and secretariat for the council of ministers, Col. Shahmir, representative for the detention centers of the ministry of interior, Mir Abu Muslim Seddiqi, advisor for the independent local organs and Qudsia Niazi, director of anti-women violence for the Attorney General Office (AGO).
The delegation had been assigned to investigate the case from near and find the main problems faced by the prisoners, decide their timely removal and report to the presidential palace as soon as possible.
According to another report, the president also assigned a delegation to probe into what happened between Afghan and foreign forces in Tagab district of Kapisa province.
The team would assess the incident took place between the Afghan national army and the coalition forces in the province and under full coordination with the coalition forces would investigate the main reason of casualties inflicted on both sides in the province.
The body was constituted by representatives from the ministry of defense, interior, National Directorate for Security (NDS), general directorate for administrative affairs and secretariat for the council of ministers and the independent local organs office and was obliged to inclusively assess the event and provide report to the presidential office.
Elsewhere in Takhar province, the president also sent a delegation consisted of the Deputy Attorney General Office and membership of the governor and the provincial council chief of Takhar to launch investigation into the tribal disputes happened in the province.
According to Bakhter News Agency, the team was asked to launch precise probe into the cases with criminal cases and introduce them to the related court and try for removal of misunderstanding between the two sides.
The sent delegation was asked for soon providing the presidential office with report from the event within a couple of weeks.

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