Program of “Love According To Narration of Blood” Held

On the occasion of martyrdom of 21 ANA soldiers:
Monday March 3, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Darakht Civil group organized a lamentation under the title of “Love according to narration of blood” on the commemoration of martyrdom of 21 Afghan National Army Soldiers in Ghazi Aabad district, Kunar province. In the program which was attended by large number of poets, writers, civil society activities and ANA and ANP members, the poets readout their funeral poems in the mourn of martyred soldiers. Following the killing 21 ANA soldiers in Kunar province, rallies and protest demonstrations’ were staged in Kabul, Ghor, Herat and other provinces with the participation of social networks. The demonstration called the ANA, ANP and NDS soldiers as the champions of the country. The program of “Love according to narration of blood” was started with a once minute silence of the participation. One of the participants, Gul Noor Bahman said, poet is not separate from the benefit or profit of society and those who believe that poem is only for poet make mistake. Bahman clarified, whenever all sensitiveness veins of poet and all his internal auctioned reaction becomes silent at this time he takes position of indifference before bloody and deadly events in society. Poem is not a drug to make silent the mankind zeal. Abdul Ghafor Liwal another poet and writer said, in the past decades also functions were held for soldiers and even special poem books were published, but he believes that these functions were organized by the then government. Today we see that these activities are organized by people with enthusiasm and they know who their admirers are.
Other speakers include Abdul Hadi Miran, Jawed, Farhad, Abdul Malek, Atsh, Najeeb Barwar, Zubair Radwan, Shahed Wafa… who readout their funeral poems to martyred soldiers. Darakht civil groups started its literal and cultural activities since few months in Kabul city. During rallies, many citizens of Kabul also called the martyred soldiers as national heroes. Milad one of the residents of Kabul and participant of these rallies said, no doubt security forces are defenders and champions of this territory who give their life and defend their homeland. Those who are killed by enemies of people are certainly martyrs of homeland and must not be forgotten. He added, I expect the government to focus more attention to their families and support them. The function was concluded with offering bunches of flowers by participants to present ANSF soldiers.

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