Prophet Birth Anniversary Marked In Kabul

Wednesday, February 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The auspicious birth anniversary of the great prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad PBUH was marked by the ministry of hajj and endowments in a magnificent meeting attended by the religious ulemas, clergies and personnel of the ministry and held in the National RTA conference hall. 
The minister for hajj and endowments, Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Nayazi said that the time had now reached to renew our commitment with the Allah almighty and his great prophet Mohammad PBUH. 
He asked the whole Mulsims to put into practice what they hear from the Islamic religion, otherwise they would commit great sin. 
A high peace council member, Qazi Mohammad Amin Waqqad also spoke at the meeting as saying that commemoration of the great prophet Mohammad PBUH was renewing of the commitments and putting the entire orders of the Islamic religion into practice.

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