Public Financial Management Program Inaugurated to Effectively Use Available Resources, National Budget

Tuesday August 9, 2016

Kabul (BNA) To better use the available resources and possibilities, in a ceremony held in Arg on Saturday, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan inaugurated the Public Financial Management Program.
In the ceremony, Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Finance said, ‘based on the government of national unity’s pledges in London Conference, the public money would be properly kept and used.’ We aim to provide the best services to people and appropriately use the available resources and facilities through implementation of the program, Hakimi further said. The Public Financial Management Program is part of the great national development program, as it will be shared with private sector and donor organizations and is expected to be presented in the Brussels summit. The program is also expected to come into effect to make all ministries accountable and create transparency in their financial affairs. Likewise, the program will review and analyze all financial vacuums in the ministries and other government administrations to find the solutions.
Based on evaluations, revenues collection section has been recognized as the worst one, finance minister asserted. The finance minister has earlier promised the cabinet we can double the revenues number if we seriously step up, but the analysts believe there are many ways that the government can increase the revenues more than double. With implementation of the program, the public monies will be kept safe by honest and piteous people, the analysts further said. Meanwhile, the president said that accountability on public assets is recognized as an Islamic culture. Bringing reforms and establishment of a responsible system are not new issues, but are the values which have special position among the people, according to the president. The government of national unity is committed on its pledges and they are sequentially coming into effect.
Success of each ministry, administration, province and any other government section is necessary, President Ghani added. Success is not only related to one section, the president said, adding the government has been established to serve the people. Budget is the only thing that can help us reach our goals, revenues and expenditures, the president went on to say. Everything should be put at the framework of budget. Therefore, the government of Afghanistan is committed to implement any demands of the international community on bringing transparency and accountability of the budget. Transparency in the budget expenditure is the main demand of people and is recognized as religious values.
Lailuma Noori

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