Public Mobilization Key to Fight Air Pollution: Minister Zuhair

Kabul (BNA) Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Mohammad Tahir Zuhair, on Thursday called air pollution in capital Kabul a serious health and social problem, adding that public mobilization was key to fight the issue in the city.

Addressing an event on the role of journalists, cultural figures and citizens in fight against air pollution in Kabul which was initiated by the deputy ministry of publication affairs in close coordination with National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA), Minister Zuhair said that fight against air pollution was not the work of one institution and one office, but all must stand against it.

The acting minister also stressed on public awareness regarding protection of the environment as well as fighting those elements that causes air pollution in the city. “My request to the media and cultural figures is to explain the consequences and harms of air pollution to the people through continuous and daily programs, so that people become more aware of the causes of air pollution in Kabul and the serious health threats it causes.”

Meanwhile Ezatullah Sediqqi, deputy to NEPA said that the situation of Kabul in terms of air pollution has risen from the level of danger and according to him, it was a serious warning against the lives of citizens. “It is our duty to control the situation and this could happen when we mobilize public, as air pollution crisis management requires resource management, coordination and cooperation.”

He called on the Ministries of Transport, Information and Culture, Kabul Municipality and other institutions to better coordinate their affairs with the agency in managing the air pollution crisis.

Abdul Manan Shiway Sharq, Deputy Minister of Publications of the Ministry of Information and Culture, also spoke in the event, listing all the factors that have caused air pollution. He stressed the need to take decisive and serious actions in this regard.

Director of Bakhtar Information Agency Najibullah Shinwari and director of government dailies Farid Ahmad Farhang highlighted the importance of public awareness and reiterated their media’s full cooperation with the ministries and institutions in fight against the air pollution in the city.

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