Qanooni Listens To Problems of Logar Inhabitants

Sunday, April 27, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The first vice president Mohammad Younus Qanooni met a delegation of Logar province headed by provincial governor Niaz Mohammad Amiri in Gul Khana Palace yesterday.
According to presidential press office to BNA, in the meeting, Qanooni hailed the services of the people of Logar during the Jihad time, saying the peace and security in Logar directly affect the security situation in the capital city Kabul and that is why the government is standing alongside the Logar residents to have peace and stability.
Qanooni also called upon the elders of Logar province to cooperate with local authorities in having durable stability.
Briefing the vice president on the province’s problems, Governor Amiri on behalf of Logar people suggested that Logar shall be promoted from 3rd grade province to 2nd grade.
The governor also proposed the construction of second highway of Logar-Kabul and other problems.
The vice president assured the elders and members of the delegation that the concerned bodies would take necessary steps for the solution of Logar’s problems.

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