Qanooni Meets Gen. Dunford, Merits Bochems

Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Kabul (BNA) First vice president, Mohammad Younus Qanooni met yesterday evening with general commander of international forces in Afghanistan Gen. Joseph Dunford and NATO new civil representatives in the country, Murits Bochems.
According to presidential press office to BNA, First vice president evaluated the presence and role of international forces in Afghanistan as positive and added that the security forces of Afghanistan are capable to maintain country-wide peace during election process.
Qanooni added that election in Afghanistan is a national process and no doubt, it would be held and vast participation of people in this process would strongly increase its legality. With complete assurance, Qanooni said that the enemy has no capability to disturb elections in the country. But we would have some threats in some regions and make effort to halter it.
During this meeting, the civil representative of NATO in Afghanistan said that I am sure that with having intelligence and transparency, in present sensitive situation, you can perform this important task.

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