Qanooni Meets Some Countries’ Ambassadors

Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Kabul (BNA) First Vice-President, Mohammad Younus Qanooni met with Iranian ambassador to Afghanistan, Mohammad Reza Bahrami in Gul Khana Palace on Tuesday. Presidential press office stated BNA,
during the meeting, he said that the people of Afghanistan by huge participation in the elections demonstrated their will and wishes for achieving durable peace and progress of their country.
Besides congratulating successful elections in Afghanistan, ambassador Bahrami said that the elections was Afghan centered and organized by Afghans, saying it is a victory for Afghans and has deserve to congratulate Afghans over holding the elections. According to another report the vice president Qanooni, had also met Dr. Sharafuddin Imam the ambassador of Tajikistan in Kabul the other day.
Ambassador Imam in addition to congratulating Qanuni over his appointment as vice president said that Afghanistan’s holding successful elections is valuable like the Jihad of Afghans.
The Tajikistan ambassador also hoped that the outcome of elections could take Afghanistan towards more success.
Similarly the vice president Qanooni in meeting with the ambassador of Russian Federation Andri Otsian pointed out the honest fighting of regional countries against terror is the essential factor of stability in the region and world. The vice president also noted that the huge participation of Afghans in the recently held provincial and presidential councils’ elections would add the credibility of Afghans at national and international level. Besides congratulating the vice president over holding successful elections in Afghanistan the Russian ambassador expressed his country’s readiness to participate in economic projects in Afghanistan.
According to another repot, the first vice-president met with European Union Envoy to Kabul Franz Michael Meliband and said successfully holding of the elections in Afghanistan has shown that people of Afghanistan did not want to move back, but they hoped to protect their 12 years achievements.
In the meeting, the first vice president added their efforts were to not let Afghanistan go towards instability.
“Our people want continuation of democratic system in their country and want to reach to development beside the world countries,” he said.
In the meeting, European Union envoy Franz Michael Meliband said they and observers of the European Union had witnessed that people of Afghanistan raised their voice and now it has been the time electoral commissions address the tasks.
He added that he as representative of the European Union promised they would be with people of Afghanistan and supporting them.

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