Reactivation of Herat Textile Mill To Support Domestic Products

Saturday April 19, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The decision of last meeting of Council of Ministers based on reactivation Herat Textile Mill can be a step towards supporting national industries and referring to domestic products.
The last Monday meeting of Council of Ministers discussed on reactivation of Herat Textile Mill and the council tasked few government institutions to take practical steps in the connection.
This measure of Council of Ministers was adopted in a time that Afghanistan is known as consuming country in the region and even the cheapest commodities that its production possibility is available inside the country, is imported from abroad. This measure can be regarded as a step taken towards rehabilitation of industries and self-sufficiency of Afghanistan.
Today, this country is the market of Pakistan products that varieties of cloth are imported from that country to Afghanistan while during few decades back the latter had most possibilities for production of cloth. Existences of several textile mills were removing the requirements of this country in some extent. But now, only the Pul-i-Khumri textile mill is active that its capacity is production of 100000 meters cloths round the clock. Now, its production is in its lowest level and daily, estimates to 600 meters cloth.
Likewise, Gulbahar Textile Mill that was the largest factory in the country is inactive because of electricity shortage and the in-charges concerned didn’t succeed to keep it active. If we focus our attention towards the previous activities of few textile mills in the country, our people with expressing much pleasure were using their domestic products. Additionally, the activation of these factories provided employment for a great number of unemployed and more families were promoting their life through these factories.
No double. Reactivation of Herat Textile Mill besides providing means of subsistence for a number of our compatriots, the employment opportunity would also be provided for few numbers of unemployed. Reactivation of Herat Textile Mill and such others, would focus the attention of domestic capital holders towards this point that support from capital holders and domestic products is not only a slogan, but it is implemented in action and government supports capital holders previously, the government has proclaimed that people and government both should prefer using of domestic products. The people of Afghanistan regard reactivation of Herat Textile Mill as a good omen and believe that this move would cause support from capital holders that work honestly. It world also would open the way for reactivation of those factories which are stopping their production or damaged because of incidents and developments occurred during recent three decades.

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