Reforms In Judicial System Guarantees Reforms In All Organs, Massoud

Tuesday September 15, 2015

Kabul (BNA) Reforms consultative session related to reforms in judicial sector was held yesterday with participation of special envoy to president on reforms and good governance Ahmad Zia Massoud, acting chief for attorney general office, minister of justice and representative of the country’s Supreme Court.
At the session, the participants discussed related to bringing reforms in the country’s judicial section. Special envoy to President on reforms and good governance asked members of the session to deliver their reform programs and problems which judicial section was facing. Minister of Justice Abdul Basir Anwar while pointing to problems in structures of the ministry said more than 50% of the ministry’s employees had no higher education and experience in legal issues. He asserted that it was needed that full consideration should be paid in connection with appointment of employees and the ministry should be given authorization of the appointment so that current problems would be addressed. Afterwards, acting chief for general attorney office Noor Habib Jalal said that densely population in cities, poverty and unemployment have increased crimes in the country, adding that the current capacity in general attorney office could not address all issues in the country. He said it was needed that attention should be paid in connection with enhancement of professional and human capacities at the general attorney office so that they could address crimes in the country.

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