Refugees Minister Visits Mamozai Township, Inspects Problems of Inhabitants

Monday, April 21, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The minister for refugees and repatriation Dr. Jamahir Anwari visited the Mamozai Township and reviewed the problems of tis residents, the other day.  According to BNA, accompanied by officials of the ministry, some lawmakers and local officials of Bagrami district, the minister for refugees during the visit, besides reviewing the conditions of the houses where the returnees live in the township instructed the concerned bodies to work for the betterment of those living there.
In meeting with the representatives of the people there, the minister, based on the map described the townships have been constructed for the returnees, saying all necessities including school, clinic, recreation park and library have been taken into consideration there.
Dr. Anwari after collecting the proposals and suggestions of the inhabitants, called upon those people received land in the township to live there and develop it.
In their speeches the inhabitants of the township said that there is no security problem in Mamozai Township urging for the presence of more returnees there.

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