Restoration of Peace, Stability In Afghanistan Requires Universal Campaign: Nangarhari

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kabul (BNA) In continuation of peace efforts, this time an Afghan who wants to restore peace and stability in Afghanistan, has managed to send message of peace of 30 million Afghans in 14 months to United Nations Headquarters.
Despite of all available problems and difficulties Dr Nader Shah Nangarhari has managed several times to travel to many countries and send peace message of Afghan people to UN and superpower authorities including US and UK.  Talking on details and his incentives of travel across the world for restoration of peace and security in his war-ravaged home country he said, “Since the Afghan people sustained heavy violence and devastating conflicts, they want peace be restored in their home. Therefore 14 months ago, I started my trip with my 17 years old son from Turkey and traveled to Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungry, Czech, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Scotland and ultimately to New York City in the US at the UN headquarters. Detailing his trip, Nangarhari said I traveled by ship than by rail to Denmark, France and UK and finally passing over seven states of the US, I reached to New York.
Expressing gratitude for cordial welcoming of the host countries, this messenger of peace said, “Different countries of the world cooperated us and demanded continued peace efforts for return of peace and security in Afghanistan Nangarhari added: When we reached New York, the authorities of the Afghan embassy welcomed us and the Afghan ambassador at the Washington DC paved the way of our meetings with the US and UN authorities. We had meetings with US congressmen, US special envoy for Afghanistan Mr. Olson, Afghanistan special representative to the HQ NU and peace Institute as well as former US ambassador to Afghanistan Dr Zalmay Khalilzad and our interlocutors supported our peace efforts and gifted us honorary letters of appreciation and medals. I express gratitude for all their sincere cooperation and support.  Talking on his meeting with UN chief Ban Ki-moon, he said, “During my meeting with UN leader I told him 30 million Afghans have sent their greetings to you and ask the UN to help immediate return of reliable peace and stability in Afghanistan.  Because the Afghans no longer want war in their country but they want their children to be educated and instead of weapons they wish to take pen and notebook. They want to live in peace and prosperity like other nations of the world. He added, While it was very interesting to him that an Afghan has travelled over one year to send message of peace of his people to the world people, the UN leader came down and welcomed us sincerely and said, “Despite  of problems, I appreciate your feelings, you managed to send your people message to us”. The UN chief, the US special envoy and EU special envoy emphasized that the Afghan people and government should work together for peace and we support Afghans owned and led peace efforts of Afghans. Talking on his visit of the European countries, Nangarhari said, “The EU countries also welcomed our trip and I told them as an Afghan who want peace be prevailing in his country Afghans want to be active members of the UN like other people and they want no longer be called warmonger people in the world but they should be called benevolent people. To achieve this goal, peace should be restored in this country and peace can only be restored in Afghanistan that the world people get together with Afghans. Emphasizing on continued peace efforts in Afghanistan, he said, “If there is war in Afghanistan, Afghans will be affected with misfortunes and they will take refugee to other countries and create serious problems to host countries. So they want to live in peace. 38 years ago there was peace in Afghanistan and Afghans lived in full peace 38 years ago no Afghan was a refugee to other countries. So as the envoy of over. 30 million Afghans I expect the world to launch global peace campaign with support of the UN and donors and rescue our country from current crisis. Learning experiences during his trip to the world countries, Nangarhari asks Afghans to acquaint their children with the word of peace. The Afghan children should no longer hear, see or talk on war or violence but they have the right to live in peace like other increase children of the world. I hope the leaders of the NUG would their peace efforts and heal the wounds of the Afghan people. Touching his trip to India, Nangarhari said, “The leading body of Afghanistan embassy in India welcomed and encouraged me and my son, I hope this trip would result to peace and stability in Afghanistan. Because our each step war armed. Touching the war-hit countries at return of peace in our war-hit country and their experience he said, “Most countries tasted the bitter flavor of wars, but then their leader and people joined hands, settled problems and restored peace in their country. Now the Afghans bear heavy responsibility that how they would restore peace. They should give up war join peace process and take sincere active part in rebuilding of their war-ravaged country.

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