Roots of Corruption In Afghanistan

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kabul (BNA) In retrogressive course of the dirty and sinister phenomenon of corruption in Afghanistan that has damaged reputation of Afghanistan in the world, all of us are guilty.
Major parts of this great guilt is on the shoulder of foreign organizations and part of it is due to procrastinating polices against corrupt authorities. Another reason behind this phenomenon is those officials who have not been seriously and decisively fighting against the causes of this element. Those higher authorities, who were frankly involved in corruption, were not prosecuted clearly.
The second reason behind this detested phenomenon is Afghan citizens who submit to corruption and deepen the quagmire of corruption in departments of the Afghan government. All these and other available realties caused the founding of a wrong administrative culture was laid, a culture that propagates lawlessness and encourages corruption: Due to domination of this culture the individual, commitment to society and country was eliminated and the spirit of patriotism and loyalty lofty to national interests were greatly weakened and it extended roots of corruption in all branches of the administration.
In the last fifteen years, either the Afghan administration or the world community have not defined certain and specific goals for our self-sufficiency and economic development. Rebuilding and renovating goals in the country were chosen and planed irregularly and coordinately by donor organization and countries those goals were intended to result short term and limited gains.
Since there was no coordination among goals and rebuilding policies, Afghanistan failed to embark towards development and economic security self-sufficiency. While in the early years of the presence of the world community in Afghanistan, it was necessary that comprehensive policies at plans would have been drafted and adopted by donor communities for removal of urgent needs and reaching the stage of self-sufficiency. But unfortunately we were not witnessing such a national strategy that lead administrative, security and economic policies and activities into the direction of development and self-sufficiency. Administrative structure is another problem, because these organizations and institutions have not been formed based on real needs as this reality has been changed to a bitter and undeniable fact. Numerous parallel and unqualified departments were created only to make and keep happy a number of certain factions or important figures that except huge budget produced no visible result. These departments are still operational and consume huge budgets. Now, one of the serious expectations from the NUG is this that to deal with this problem after precise scrutiny and study of activities of these branches and diagnosis of the country urgent needs and amend them with useful and effective mechanism, because unqualified and un-useful branches are part or testimony of corruption. Corruption is not only bribery or illegal performances but creation and existence of political department for satisfaction of certain individuals and factions and availability of public resources for certain people without practical logic is greater corruption.

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