Sadat Assures of Reforms In MoIC

Monday, August 01, 2016

Kabul (BNA) To bring reforms in the Ministry of Information and Culture, Ahmad Zia Massoud, the President Special Representative on Reforms and Good Governance, chaired a meeting on Sunday, his office said in a statement.
Massoud called reflection of the government’s policy, identification and definition of national interests, creation of unity and brotherhood among different tribes of the country and definition of the new values along with protection of historical and Islamic values, as the main responsibility of the ministry of information and culture.
“The public minds should be led towards good governance and welfare services,” said Massoud praising the active presence of media in the last 14 years of changes in the country. He said media should be the main communicative tongue of the government, reach the programs and policies of the government to the people and prevent propagandas of the enemy and the scope of provision of information had changed and the government media should do their best to vigilantly carry their mission.
Meanwhile, touching on the ministry’s budget problem, Deputy to the Youth Affairs and Acting Minister, Dr. Kamal Sadat confirmed some problems in the ministry’s different directorates and assured to bring reforms in the ministry’s all offices after holding special meetings with the officials, according to the statement.
Meanwhile, Deputy to the Publication Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Culture, Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi also explained lack of budget a problem faced by her led office and said the problem had led to the failure of the main branch of the ministry to actively work for publicity of the ministry.
She suggested for establishment of a single state-run news center in order to help prevent the enemies’ media activity, the statement added.
The president’s special representative tasked the ministry’s leadership for providing reforms plans in different fields based on the need of the time and present to the next meeting of the government cabinet meeting.
According to another report, Ahmad Zia Massoud, President’s Special Representative on Reforms and Good Governance met a number of eastern provinces’ elders and jihadi figures.
In the meeting, the elders and jihadi personalities shared their problems, such as lack of road, schools, hospitals and cadres in local organs and asked the president’s special representative to step up in this respect.  Appreciating their efforts in the period of jihad and resistance, Massoud promised to instruct the relevant organs to address their problems.

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