Sadat Meets AISA Chairman

Saturday, August 06, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Kamal Sadat, Acting Minister of Information and Culture met the other day with Qurban Haqju, Chairman of the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) mainly focusing on popularization of investment at the national and international levels, BNA reported the other day.
The AISA chairman asked the ministry of information and culture for cooperation in the field of broadcasting programs through the Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA) and the government dailies, with Dr. Sadat and present at the meeting, Mojgan Mostafavi, the Deputy MoIC on Publication Affairs vowing to do more via a special meeting with the private and government media.
Both Sadat and Mostafavi said meetings would be held with the presence of private and government ran media outlets to sustainably cooperate with the AISA to support the program.

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