Saffron Cultivation Decreases Poppy

Thursday September 01, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Saffron cultivation has left good impacts on economic situation of Afghan women, said the officials of the MoAIL, emphasized that those areas of Afghanistan that have good and suitable environment for saffron growing have produced expected results due to on time assistance with local farmers based on their exclusive programs.
Women share is more important in this process specially those women who have suffered of improper situation and now improvement has appeared in their economic situation and are involved in harvesting and processing of saffron. If the Afghan government would like to develop saffron, cultivation and encourage farmers to replace poppy with saffron production, it could be an alternative for drugs. Because either it is sold with suitable price or they earn and collect that much money through this way to meet their annual financial resources to live on. Drugs is that phenomenon that is called as a black line in Afghanistan domestic and foreign policy and has changed Afghanistan to the biggest drug producer  in the world. Although few years ago it was examined that saffron could be an alternative for poppy but due to lack of public awareness, on time assistance to farmers, and less information on saffron cultivation, the farmers didn’t dare to resort to it. According to universal survey, at present, Afghanistan produces seventy percent of the world drugs.
But the Afghan MoCN says that the reason behind not decreasing of drug production, are world mafia and non-arrest of drug traffickers.
Until the need for drugs doesn’t decrease in the world or Afghanistan is not given legal drug production permit, drug cultivation and production would continue due to global need. Afghanistan is an agricultural territory but it is agricultural system has not been mechanized; farmers are at close quarter with numerous problems. They need to resort to such plant to meet their annual living needs. At the same time, standard saffron cultivation, can also meet their needs. But as awareness has not been given to people, they think, that only and only poppy cultivation produce good income, while it destroys the Afghans life. The Afghan president said that if drugs are not eliminated, this nasty phenomenon eliminate Afghans.
At present nearly two million people are addicted which is itself elimination of Afghans. While drugs are one of the reasons behind continued war of armed opponents and their survival, drugs have been changed to a good income source of armed insurgents and foreign secret services that has extended the war. Up to now that Taliban and other terrorists have not been repulsed from military-political fields and peace and stability have not been restored in the country, the reason is drug cultivation and production. Although now  drugs talks are heard on  extension of Afghan war, the main reason is this that in one hand armed insurgents are funded by regional and foreign intelligence agencies and according to survey, in 2001 in Afghanistan 180 ton drugs were produced while now it has reached to over 6700 tons per year that its income is gotten by world mafia and armed insurgents and only less than 20pc is given to farmers. According to media reports, saffron cultivation can be an alternative to drugs and decreases the war on the other and drains the insurgents’ financial resources.
Hamidullah Faizi  

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