Say No To Terrorism; Ahead Towards Voting Centers: Meshrano Jirga

Monday, March 31, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Led by its second deputy chairman, Hajji Rafiullah Gul Afghan, Meshrano Jirga in its session on Sunday discussed the current situation with particular reference to the coming elections.
According to upper house press office to BNA, In the session, suicide attacks over the past two days in Kabul city and suicide offensive in Uruzgan and other provinces of the country over the past few days had been condemned and it was said that the enemies by creating intimidation environment attempt to reduce the participation of people to the April 5 presidential and provincial councils polls.
Senators in the session once again called upon the security organs particularly spy bodies to do their best in checking and foiling terrorist activities at the threshold of the elections.
Terming the participation of the people to the elections as defeat to the enemies of peace, the senators pointed out that high turnout of people in elections and electing good man as president and voting for good people in the provincial councils is essential for having political stability in the country.
The senators also noted that the presence of national and international observers at the polling centers safeguard the people’s votes and ensures transparent elections.

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