Security Forces Have Control of All 34 Provinces, MoD Spokesman

Sunday July 31, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Recently, the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) said, ‘the government of Afghanistan has lost the control on 65 percent of its soil in the current year, stressing that the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) could have protected the retaken areas but they didn’t.’ Rejecting SIGAR’s assertions, the spokesperson for the ministry of defense, Dawlat Waziri said that the insurgents had threatened four districts this year, but fortunately, they failed to occupy them and the ANSF have full control on all provinces of the country.’
The Afghan security forces, particularly the army are capable enough to suppress the enemies’ attacks, Waziri further said, adding Kot district is also about to be cleared. The armed oppositions are resisting in northern Takhar and Kunduz provinces, as well as they are operational in Helmand and Oruzgan, but there is not any province in the country to be fully controlled by insurgents, Waziri went on to say.
We confirm there are many districts being threatened by the enemies, but operations are going on to retake them, Waziri continued. The Afghan National Army (ANA) have recently conducted eleven pre-planned operations in ten provinces of the country such as, Kunduz, Helmand, Badakhshan, Urozgan, Takhar, Nangarhar and Kunar, besides the Special Forces conduct overnight operations in the said provinces and everything is successfully going on, Waziri added. On NATO’s general commander assertions, who has said the terrorist attacks on Afghanistan are mostly organized by Pakistan, Waziri said, ‘this is an undeniable fact, because, the government of Afghanistan has always stressed that the suicide attacks and other subversive activities are being planned in Pakistan.’ He asked Pakistan to be honest before Afghanistan, stressing that it has revealed to the world countries that Pakistan is trying to insecure Afghanistan and the region and there are many evidences existed in this regard.
All terrorists are being supported and equipped by Pakistan and then sendto Afghanistan to conduct subversive activities, Waziri pointed out.
Therefore, we hope Pakistan not to let the insurgent groups to insecure Afghanistan, because, insecurity in Afghanistan would negatively affect Pakistan as well, Waziri stated. Waziri also asked the international community to cooperate with Afghanistan in fighting terrorism, adding Afghanistan’s war is a war on international terrorism, but not domestic.
Expressing optimism on outcomes of trilateral meeting held between Afghanistan, Pakistan and NATO, Waziri said, ‘Pakistan should act on what it has promised in the meeting.’ He urged the Pakistani army to practically step up in war on terror and be honest before Afghanistan. Waziri assured the international community that the ANSF would fight until the last drop of their blood to protect their countrymen and ensure security throughout the country.
Suraya Raiszada

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