Security Officials Assure of Holding Successful Elections

Monday, March 31, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The periodic session of National Security Council (NSC) with President Hamid Karzai on the chair held with the participation of the members of national security council, members of the independent elections commission (IEC) and the election complaints commission (ECC) on Sunday.
In the beginning, the president congratulated Mohammad Younus Qanooni for his participation as first vice president in the meeting of the National Security Council and wishes him success.
Later, the minister for interior briefed about the security situation in the country and assured the all-out preparation of the defense and national security of the country for holding successful coming elections.
In the meeting the increasing activities of the enemies including the recent terrorist attacks in Kabul city was also discussed and it was decided to ensure coordination among the security organs for checking security threats.
In line with the report of the minister for interior, the NSC expressed concern over the border violation especially increased in attacks from across the Durand Line. Interior Minister added that systematic attacks on border posts have been recorded over the past few days.
The minister for foreign affairs was ordered in the meeting to convey the protest of Afghanistan government to Pakistani authorities through Pakistan’s ambassador.
In other part of the meeting the head of IEC said that around 90 percent of the polling centers will remain open on the Election Day across the country for eligible voters.
The head of election complaints commission said at the meeting that all members of the government should stay impartial during the election which was endorsed by the participants in the meeting.
In the meeting the president pointed out the IEC and the election complaints commission should respect impartiality which is essential for institutionalization of democracy in Afghanistan.
The president also noted that no one can influence the election process or the candidates on behalf of the president.
In the meeting the recent attack on foreign citizens in the 7th precinct of Kabul city was condemned and called for more investigation.
The advisor on National Security Council in the meeting also briefed about the killing of Afghans by British troops in Helmand. The newspaper “Daily Mail” on March 22, 2014 quoted a military officer of the British forces who authored a book wherein he revealed that British troops based in Helmand between2006 to 2009 had permission to shot at Afghans without any reason.
The advisor on national security added in the meeting that the British Embassy has been asked that the British government should provide explanations on the report. The NSC is seriously following the report and wants official response from British government. At the end of the meeting, the minister for foreign affairs briefed about the comprehensive cooperation and security agreement between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The National Security Council decided that working ministerial group should be formed under foreign ministry to prepare the document.

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