Senate Message On The Occasion of 35th Anniversary of Herat Citizens Uprising Against The Communist Regime

Sunday, March 16, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The senate of National Assembly of Afghanistan Islamic Republic properly commemorates the eternal memories of Herat mujahedin and people uprising on Hoot 24.1357 against the then communist regime and considers it as one of the historical days and beginning of jehad and resistance of people against the defunct communist regime.
35 years ago, the uprising of Herat people took place at a time that our people is Islamic, religious, political, social and security values were jeopardized and threatened by the then communist rule.
Although in this uprising, hundreds people lost their lives before Tanks and artillery of communist government but victory was achieved by pious people of Herat. Most soldiers of regime were disarmed by people or joined mujahedin ranks voluntarily. And as a result the future fate of jehad of Afghan people was started from this bloody beginning and moved victoriously.
The senate commemorates uprising of Hoot 24.1357 as one of the historical and epic days and beseeches at the court of Allah the Great eternal forgiveness for the conquerors of this bravely uprising.

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