Seven ANP Martyred Following Taliban Attack

Sunday June 14, 2020 FIROZ KOH CITY (BNA) At least seven Afghan National Policemen (ANP) were martyred following Taliban attack in western Ghor province the night before last. The incident took place, while a group of Taliban fighters storm on Abak security forces’ checkpoint located in Pasaband district of the province. Security officials in Pasaband district told media, Taliban militants also sustained heavy casualties during the attack , but the exact number is not clear. Based on unconfirmed reports, dozens fighters of Taliban group have plan to launche attack on security checkpoints around Minaret of Jam. A security soldier belonged to the security checkpoints demanded further security troops and military equipment to defend probably attack of Taliban fighters. Local and security officials of Ghor said nothing about the incident so far. M.A.Ansari

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