Several Insurgents While Firing Mortar Kill

Sunday April 6, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Six people accused of election fraud arrested by police forces.
According to the Ministry of Interior press office, National police forces arrested six people accused of fraud in election process in relevant areas of Kabul, Maidan-Wardak and Kandahar provinces yesterday.
Criminal director of Sayed Abad district, Maidan-Wardak province and an officer of National Security Directorate also were among the arrested people.
On the other hand, a suicide attacker yesterday morning, while he wanted to carry out a suicide attack arrested by police forces in Tagab district, Kapisa province.
According to another report, several insurgents while wanted to fire mortar shell on Sarobi district, as a result of their own mortar shell explosion all were killed in Kabul province yesterday.
It is mentionable that Pakistani border forces also continuing rocket attacks on Kunar, Nuristan, Paktika and Khost border regions.
Afghan Ministry of Interior officials condemned the rocket attacks by Pakistani border forces and wanted to stop it immediately.

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