Shaheed Week Should Not Be Symbolic

Wednesday September 7, 2016

Kabul (BNA) To commemorate 15th martyrdom anniversary of National Hero of Afghanistan and Martyr Week, Shaheed Ahmad Shah Massoud Foundation has issued a declaration that is as follow:
‘To honor the Martyr Week, the foundation has planned to launch widespread programs that are including putting flower wreath on the Resistance Minaret, Holy Quran recitation, charity, blood donation, etc.’ Meanwhile, calling Ahmad Shah Massoud a liberal, a number of people and political experts told that Massoud created epic and fought Soviet Union and hadn’t let the people face cruelty and injustice. Haroun Mir, a political expert said, ‘Ahmad Shah Massoud, has been a historically unmatched personality, whom had resisted about three decades against the red troops and indirect violation of Pakistan and spared no efforts in protection of his country.’ Shaheed Ahmad Shah Massoud proved to the world that the Afghan people have never surrendered and always lived freely. Massoud had always showed bravery in his battles against the enemies, whom was martyred in an organized terrorist attack on September 9, 2011. We will commemorate his 15th martyrdom anniversary and continue his path which was seeking freedom.
Najibullah Mahmoud, a Kabul University lecturer said, Massoud was not belong to a tribe or nation, but was a personality. Because, he had always thought about his countrymen and his only way was to have a glorious Afghanistan, Mahmoud further said. Massoud was a star who had always bravely fought the enemies and his only desire was Afghanistan’s freedom and improvement, Mahmoud added. The government of Afghanistan should not only observe Martyr Week, but also mention the martyrs’ braveries and achievements, Mahmoud said, adding I expect the government to see the families of the martyred and those had been killed in suicide attacks and battlefields. The people of Afghanistan have victimized for more than three decades, therefore, the government should launch assistance programs, particularly to security forces so they realize that they are forgotten, Mahmoud went on to say. Some people believe that the martyrs have right on the government to commemorate them and sympathize with their remained. Ahmad Shah Massoud had been killed on September 9, 2011 by two terrorists in Khwaja Bahauddin district of Takhar province.
Suraya Raiszada

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