Signing Great Agreement, On Mines, Urban Development And House Construction Should Be Turned Over The New Govt. CM

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by President Hamid Karzai, the weekly meeting of the council of ministers was held at the Gulkhana palace yesterday.
According to presidential press office to BNA,  at the outset calling void of reality the propaganda published in Washington Post on financial problems of the country, Minister of Finance provided detailed explanation to the meeting, said contrary to these rumors, the MoF has at its disposal sufficient financial funds for payment of salaries and expenditures of ordinary budget and allocations of government organs for payment of salaries and their ordinary budgets will be carried out on due time.
Later on the CM tasked the MoIC to safely return the works of Bakhter Treasures to Afghanistan which is currently displayed in Australia after exhibition and ahead of taking over of the new government.
According to agenda, Minister of Mines submitted the draft contracts of exploration and division of production for exploration and production of Hydrocarbons in blacks of Ahmad Abad-Balkh and Muhammad Jan Dagar Afghan-Tajik petroleum region, contract drafts of mining of Balkhab copper in Sar-e-Pul Shaydayee copper in Herat and Badakhshan gold.
Following comprehensive discussion the CM decided that after enforcement of this resolution, holding of big mining urban development and house construction projects should be turn over to the new government for discussion and making decision.
Later on the minister of information and culture presented the suggestion of that ministry on changing the name of capital of Ghor province from Cheghcheran to Firozkoh to the CM meeting and pointed out that during the Gherids empire Firozkoh city was their capital and based on the historical aspect of Firozkoh, now a days some members of parliament, civil society foundations, cultural professionals and youths of Ghor province have also drafted amendment of the name of capital of Ghor.
The CM taking to consideration the historical aspect approved changing the name of Ghor province capital from Gheghcheran to Firozkoh and assigned the MoIC and justice to proceed with this issue justified reasons in the law of local organs the amendment of the name of Ghor capital from Cheghcheran to Firozkoh.
The CM assigned the MoF as per request of the MoIC to transfer an amount of one million US dollar to the development budget of the MoIC for completion of the project of national museum.
Later on CM assigned the MoIC and Independent Administration of Local Organs to precede in two weeks the acquisition process of the house of Ahmad Shah Baba Durani in Kandahar in accordance with the previous decisions of CM and submit it to upcoming meeting of the CM.

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