Six Million USD Allocated for Cultural Heritage Preservation: Minister Zuhair

Kabul (BNA) Acting Minister of Information and Cultural Mohammad Tahir Zuhair on Thursday said that six million USD have been allocated for preservation of cultural heritage in the country, however he expressed concern over damaging of historic sites and smuggling of relics and asked people to cooperate with the ministry in dealing with such challenges.

Addressing reporters here, Minister Zuhair said the International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas (ALIPH) had announced $6 million aid at the request of President Ghani for restoration and maintenance of historic sites in the country.

He said the aid would be used for rehabilitation of Kabul Bala Hisar, Sultan Hussain Baiqra’s Madrassa, Bost Port and gate in Helmand, and some pillars in the Murad khani locality of Kabul.

Minister Zuhair said there was need for close coordination to protect historic and cultural sites and stop the smuggling of historic relics. He added there was no nation in the world who smuggled their own historic relics abroad.

He said the Ministry of Information and Cultural Affairs conducted workshops and seminars for creating public awareness in 34 provinces to tell people the importance of cultural heritage and historic sites and relics in the country. “Unfortunately, despite the awareness events held nationwide, the ministry noted damage to historic sites and smuggling of relics,” he said.

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