Statement of Meshrano Jirga

Monday, March 31, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Meshrano Jirga or Upper House of parliament with keeping in mind the political importance of the presidential and provincial councils elections has been calling upon the whole people of Afghanistan particularly all those having voting cards to use their right of suffrage in favor of their favorite candidates at polling stations on Saturday April 5. Meshrano Jirga believes that wide participation of the people in the elections is decisive response against the malicious designs of the coward enemies who are involved in the killing of people including women and children over the past several years by equipping and encouraging the stateless terrorists in our country to achieve their vicious designs.
Dear countrymen,
Your participation in the coming elections not only means the political success of Afghanistan; rather is another defeat to the defeated enemies who send groups of terrorists and suicide attackers to prevent the people of Afghanistan from participation to the elections.
The honorable people of Afghanistan;  The blood sucking enemies of Afghanistan who don’t respect any human and Islamic norms do not want to see elections and having political stability in Afghanistan. But the people of Afghanistan want the success of elections and political stability. Achieving the goal at this critical stage of history requires the wisdom of the people to move forward in harmony with the brave national security forces and once again with participation in the elections to disappoint the enemies. We believe and are sure that the no invading forces like the past would be able to undermine the will of our people for safeguarding their country and this time the terrorists and suicide attackers cannot stop our people by intimidation to attend polling stations and cast their votes. Terrorists are deemed to fail and the victory is for the people of Afghanistan.

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