Statement of Publication Dept. of MoIC

Saturday, March 01, 2014
Kabul (BNA) All the owners of media outlets including printing, audiovisual, printing press, translation outlets, film producing entities, journalism courses, private news agencies and advertisement organs in the capital city and provinces which have no licenses or haven’t complete the procedure are informed to complete the procedure in accordance with the article 28 and article 32 of the mass media law.
It also inform the media outlets including the print and electronic ones, journalism courses, news agencies and advertising entities which have obtained licenses but still don’t operate are warned to approach the Publication Department of the ministry for information and culture to respect the article 49 of the law of mass media, if the print from getting license until one year do not operate and electronic media outlets from getting license until two years to not operate their license will be cancelled.
Therefore, all the media outlets are informed to obtain license and complete the procedure within one month, otherwise, legal action will be taken against the owners of the media outlets.

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