Suicide Bombing Plan On Atta Mohammad Noor Foiled

Monday, March 19, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Spokesperson of national security department Lutfullah Mahal said that the plan for terror of Ustad Atta Mohammad Noor Governor of Balkh province and carrying of a series of suicide attacks during the Nawroz Festival in Balkh was detected and foiled by the personnel of national security department. 
He told a press conference in Kabul that a six-member group of terrorists who intended such attacks were arrested. 
They include Abdul Hai, Amunullah, Ezatullah, Sadaqat, Qari Abdul Slam and Qari Rahim. 
The arrested individuals are residents of Balkh and Jawzjan provinces and they planned to terror Ustad Atta Mohammad during the Nawroz ceremonies and carry a series of suicide bombings at the Mazar airport and ISAF command in center of Balkh province. 
According to Mashal, 2665 Kgs of explosives of potassium chloride of Edex type, electric explosive cupules, remote control sets and 20 tents have been recovered from the arrested persons. 
The plan has been hatched outside the Afghan borders by terrorists groups but he did not name any country. 
Mashal also informed the press of arrest of another person along with six suicide waist coats in Paktia who intended to carry on armed attack on the Padkhwab of Logar camp. 
Another suicide bomber who was protecting him was arrested in Kunarha province. 
They had brought suicide, waist coats from Miram Shah of Pakistan. 
Another group of six members’ terrorists were also arrested including two suicide bombers. 
They planned to target sensitive parts of Kandahar city.

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