Sweden Strengthens Development Program In Afghanistan

Wednesday April 2, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Deputy Foreign Minister in Political Affairs, Irshad Ahmadi during his visit to Sweden for an official visit met Monday with the head, deputy and members of international relations committee of the hosting country’s parliament. BNA reported.
During a meeting with defense minister of Sweden, Ahmadi discussed about presence and role of Swedish forces in Afghanistan in connections with training, giving consultation and support from armed forces of Afghanistan.
Once more, the defense minister of Sweden laid emphasize on the commitments of his country before Afghanistan.
The report adds that lauding from Sweden contributions to Afghanistan, deputy foreign minister in political affairs expressed his gratitude over continued commitments of that country to Afghanistan and resolved opening the embassy of Afghanistan in Stockholm as a sign of ever-further expansion of ties between the two countries. Likewise, deputy foreign minister in political affairs met with Ms. Rasmusson, deputy foreign minister of Sweden for expansion of cooperation.
During this meeting, the both sides discussed about the isssues of mutual interest and Ms. Rasmusson asserted that the strategic document of Sweden in regard with development programs in Afghanistan till 2019 will be approved.
This document expresses the clear support of Sweden from Afghanistan and lays emphasize on close cooperation with Afghanistan in certain fields. She added that there are more interests in Sweden to aware more about developments in Afghanistan in the fields of maintenance of women rights, counter official corruption, good governance, and about the activities of civil society. Ahmadi suggested that Afghanistan is committed towards the aforesaid issues and this commitment is not only a political view point, but is the requirements of our society.
Similarly, Ahmadi offered comprehensive information about maintenances of women rights, contribution of women in election process and good governance.

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