Taliban Behind Recent Targeted Killings: Andarabi

Kabul (BNA) Minister of Interior Massoud Andarabi on Tuesday while speaking to the Afghan senate about the security situation in the country and particularly in Kabul, said that the Taliban is behind the “targeted killings.”

“The Taliban had major plans to overrun more areas in the provinces including Helmand, but they were prevented, causing the group to focus on targeted killings in Kabul,” Andarabi said.

Taliban Behind Recent Targeted Killings: Andarabi

He believes that attacks in the country have increased in Afghanistan since the US and Taliban signed the peace agreement in February this year in Doha.

“The Taliban is seeking leverage in the peace efforts by putting pressure on the government with IED bombings in Kabul and by launching attacks in districts,” he further said.

“The people who were arrested over the targeted killings have confessed that a group was created by the Taliban under the name of ‘Obaida’ in Logar province to target government employees, journalists and civil society activists to raise the people’s voice against the government,” according to Andarabi.

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) Chief Gen. Zia Saraj addressed the Senate also, saying that “over 18,200” insurgent attacks have occurred in the last 10 months, “99% of them by the Taliban.”  “The Daesh group was only responsible for one percent of the attacks,” he said.

6,100 people have been arrested in the country and “3,600 of them were involved in the insurgency activities.”

“70 of these arrested people was involved in target killings while seven others were wanted to carry out suicide attacks,” he added.

This comes as yesterday morning, a roadside mine exploded in in Aab Rasani area in PD5 of Kabul city but there were no casualties, according to the Kabul police.

On Monday morning an IED exploded on a security forces vehicle in Kolola Poshta area in PD4 of Kabul city. Kabul police said that the blast had no casualties.  In the afternoon, an explosion targeted the employees of the National Statistics and Information Authority in Guzargah area in Kabul’s PD7.

As security incidents are on the rise in Kabul, First Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Monday that the Presidential Palace will double the number of police in the city. VP Saleh said that a study showed that Kabul has a low number of police for a city with such a large population.

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