Taliban Delegation In China

Monday, August 01, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Pakistani media report about negotiation between Taliban and Chinese diplomats.
Pakistani Tribune Express daily has written that in the meeting instead of Afghan peace talks, the regional issues and adopting a common policy against destructive countries have discussed.
According to the paper, the negotiation between Taliban and Chinese official has taken place in a Chinese city, who headed Taliban’s delegation in the negotiation and with legal documents of which country have traveled to China.
Nevertheless, a senior member of Taliban has said to Middle East News Agency that a delegation of them has traveled from Qatar to China to talk about adopting a common stance on Afghan and  regional issues. The India’s stance in the region that has serious political problems with both Pakistan and China would be at the focus of Chinese and Taliban authorities’ talks.
Qari Hamza one of Taliban leaders has said that Taliban delegation was in China from July 18 up to 22.
Afghan political experts believe if China is seeking to take a common stance with Taliban regarding to regional issues it would be a mistake, because, Afghanistan is seeking to use the Chinese influence in the region, in restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan.
A number of Afghan and American authorities earlier have said that Pakistan used Taliban in proxy war against Afghanistan and seeking to introduce the group to other countries.
China in order to maintain the dignity of Pakistan in international arena is following mediatory policy because American Congress and UN Security Council jointly complained about Pakistan stance in war against terrorism and extremism.
The Taliban official also claimed that, earlier a delegation of Taliban has visited Russia.
The statements have expressed while Pakistan is seeking to repair their relation with Russia and Iran. Mullah Akhtar Mansoor who had traveled to Iran with Pakistani passport while returning killed in an American drone strike.
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has said nothing about the recent Taliban’s delegation visit to China yet, persistently has said that the countries of the region should transparently cooperate in settling the crisis of Afghanistan.

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