Taliban Failed Assassination Attempt On Zabul Governor

Wednesday July 27, 2016

Qalat City (BNA) A group of Taliban militants carried out failed attack on convey of Besmullah Afghanmal governor of southern Zabul province.
According to report, Zabul governor moving toward Shah Joy district of the province to inaugurate a development project, which his convey targeted by armed oppositions in Shah Hassankhail region of the district.
Ghulam Jelani Farahi security director of Zabul said BNA reporter, after Taliban attack on Afghanmal convey, severe clashes occurred between the insurgents and security guards of Zabul governor.
Taliban rebels after suffered heavy casualties succeeded to flee the area, Farahi added.
It has been said, a security guard of Zabul governor was wounded during the clashes.
Meanwhile, later the failed attack Mr. Afghanmal in a press conference said, Taliban militants wanted to assassinate me, but fortunately they didn’t succeeded.

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