Taliban Insurgents Killed in Kandahar Battle                       

Kandahar (BNA) Dozens of Taliban members were killed in the latest fighting by security forces in Kandahar and dozens of other attackers were wounded.

Several Pakistani Taliban commanders and fighters have been killed.

The clashes took place overnight in Zheri and Dand districts after hundreds of assailants attacked security checkpoints.

According to reports, security forces targeted the attackers following Taliban attack on security checkpoints.

A senior Atal Corps official in the south told BNA that 40 insurgents were killed and eight others were wounded in the fighting.

He said several Pakistani Taliban commanders and fighters were killed in the fighting.

The air force is said to have continued to target the attackers’ bases, destroying six Taliban hideouts with all their military equipment.

Kandahar police chief Gen. Tadin Khan, meanwhile, called the fighting one of the deadliest incidents for the Taliban in recent years.

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