Taliban Insurgents Killed in Kandahar Conflicts

Kandahar (BNA) Kandahar witnessed clashes between security forces and Taliban insurgents last night.

Thirty-eight Taliban insurgents were reported killed and eight others wounded in the clashes.

The clashes apparently took place after the attackers attacked security forces bases in Dand, Maiwand, Shah Wali Kot, Panjwai and Zheri districts.

Senior Atal Corps official in the south told BNA that 38 insurgents, including six Pakistani Taliban fighters, killed and eight others wounded in the clashes.

Senior military official says the attackers were targeted from the ground and air forces during the attack.

According to another report, the security forces discovered and neutralized 20 mines and prevented a series of explosions in the busiest places of Kandahar.

No one has been arrested in connection with the bombings.

It is said that the villagers played a greater role in discovering these mines.

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