Taliban Militants Killed In Nooristan Conflicts

Monday, August 15, 2016
Paroon (BNA) Nooristan in the east of the country has been witness to the most terrorist events.
Clashes occurred in Kamdish and suburb of Pasroon city center of the province yesterday.
First conflict occurred in suburb of Paroon bazaar while a group of insurgents attacked on a convoy of militaries.
A police commander in the east of the country told BNA, in the clash, four armed militants lost their lives.
Another report says that three insurgent were killed in a clash by militaries in Kamdish district.
The insurgents after passing the Durand Line attacked on a security checkpoint which were targeted by militaries and killed.
According to police senior commander in the east of the country, in the conflict, three armed Taliban including a Pakistan national were killed.
Likewise, the militaries in Nooristan province said, they prevented from a series of blasts in that province.
According to reports, security forces with cooperation of local people discovered and neutralized three mines which were planted by Taliban in general roads of Wantwaigal and Kamdish districts.
Security officials of the province blamed Taliban for the failed mine planting in the province. 

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