Taliban The Most Destructive Force In Afghanistan; The Group Damaged A Bridge In Kunduz

Monday August 22, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Damaging a bridge in Kunduz province that connects several districts of the province to the center of the province by terrorists once again made it clear that Taliban have been sending to Afghanistan only for genocide and destructions activities.
BNA correspondent reports: the escalation of Taliban’s terrorist attacks on different parts of the country mostly targeted the civilians and infrastructure of the country. Taliban in carrying out these barbaric and destructive attacks, have been supporting by Pakistani army, the intelligence agents of that country and extremists of other countries. Taliban have no any program for development and ensuring stability in Afghanistan but barbarically then before attack civilians and public properties including schools and mosques. They use the people and residential areas as a shield, plant mines in farmlands, destroy schools, electric lines, blast bridges and water supplying resources.
Taliban in continuation of their crimes damaged Alchin Bridge located in northern part of Kunduz city. The bridge used by Kunduz citizens and the residents of four districts. Meanwhile, the bridge was a part of a commercial highway that connected Sheer Khan port to Kunduz city center and from where to North highway and caused great facilities in business in the area. Now the bridge has damaged by Taliban. They earlier revenging the people also, the public properties were their main targets; even they have no mercy in damaging residential houses and mosques. The people believe what Taliban had done and doing are not an Afghan action, because no people with conscience never damage his own country but works for its development and prosperity. Unfortunately, Taliban are depriving from this humane behavior.
Taliban seriously influence by Pakistani intelligence service and hundreds Pakistani army personnel mostly the residents of Quetta, Peshawar and tribal areas of that country fighting as commanders beside Taliban. Taliban based on instructions of their commanders damage bridges and residential houses, destroy farmlands and looting the mines, offer the products to the Pakistanis as a gift. Without doubt, the Alchin Bridge has damaged in instruction of Pakistani generals. Nobody can conceal the presence of Pakistani generals in battlefronts of Afghanistan. As some months ago a Pakistani general was killed in Ghazni province and local authorities in Helmand province say that the battle in that province has carried out with leadership of Pakistani generals and the arrested Pakistani national from the battlefields are clear and undeniable evidences of Pakistanis involvement in destruction of our country.
According Afghan politicians there should be no complaint about what the Pakistanis evil actions against Afghanistan, because they are the enemies of our country, but complain the so-called Afghan Taliban who introduced themselves Afghans and Muslims and destroy their homeland in instruction of our chronic and ancient enemy. The people who feel the pains and suffering caused by the war are Afghans, while Pakistanis enjoy the pains and sufferings, Afghans sustain in this proxy war. At first place, our Kunduzi compatriots feel the pains and agonies caused by damaging the Alchin Bridge then the people all over the county. If Taliban are really Afghans how will they react against the pains and suffering caused by them in instruction of their masters, this is Pakistani generals and the intelligence service of that country.      

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