Taliban Transfer Quetta Council Which Is Their Central Core To Helmand Province

Monday August 8, 2016

Kabul (BNA) There are reports that a special group alongside Taliban are fighting against state forces in Helmand province.
Taliban have introduced this special force as their commando unit, but the local people say that they are Pakistani commandos who fight against Afghan security forces in Taliban’s uniform.
Helmand has been the scene of severe fighting between Afghan and Taliban forces during the last days. Political experts say that Taliban have knotted their destiny to the destiny of Helmand. According to the authorities of Defense Ministry, Taliban intended to transfer Quetta Council their central core in to Helmand province. Taliban long before, have chosen Helmand as the center for demonstrating their military power, but the recent efforts indicate that Helmand is of great and vital importance for Taliban. The province not only has common border with Pakistan, but also can serve as corridor to western, central, and southern provinces for Taliban. In addition to that Helmand is the main center of poppy cultivation and narcotics production. Taliban by plundering the mines in that province and through selling narcotics provide their financial needs.
Afghan political experts believe Helmand serves as political and economical center for Taliban. In recent days they had certain victories in fighting against Afghan security forces and have expanded their influence area and faced the state forces to serious challenges. According to the experts, the Afghan forces are involved in organized and trained forces in Helmand who wear local dress and in appearance are similar to Taliban, but in battlefields use such military skills techniques not expected from the students of seminaries and the formers of rural areas. A security official in Helmand province has said to a western media that Afghan security forces were fighting against regular and skillful forces who act and fight as commandos.
A local source wanted to be anonymous said that Taliban have sent their commando unit called (Sura Qeeta) Pashto words means Red Unit in to the battlefields.  A commander of Taliban in Helmand also claimed that their commando unit called Sura Qeeta compromised of 300 militants under the command of Haji Naseer who was earlier in-charge of Taliban’s operations in Kandahar and Zabul were fighting against Afghan security forces. But a number of Afghan security experts say that the members of Sura Qeeta or Red Unit are not Taliban but they are Pakistani commandos alongside Taliban are fighting against Afghan security forces. Pakistan earlier also had sent its commandos to fight in Kunduz fighting during resistance period and once again to Nuristan to punish Taliban commanders. Now the Pakistani commandos in disguise of Taliban once again have come to Helmand to fight Afghan security forces there.

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