Terrorism, Extremism Global Challenge, Mohaqeq

Monday, July 25, 2016
Kabul (BNA) First CE Deputy, Mohammad Mohaqeq in a telephone call with the UN Special Representative to Afghanistan, denounced terrorism and extremism as two subversive elements troubling the world, the BNA reported the other day.
The UN Special Envoy, Tadamichi Yamamoto expressed his deep condolence to the CE Deputy, Mohaqeq and the whole Hazara nation over the death of tens of innocent people in the Saturday’s deadly incident in Dehmazang Square, [recently named as Martyrs Square], the agency said.
Mohaqeq said terrorism and extremism and other commination groups have faced the world with challenges and overwhelmed the whole Middle East countries, Afghanistan and even the European and American nations, the agency quoted as statement from his office.
He emphasized a joint campaign to be launched against them in order to help the world get rid of the vicious elements, the agency said.
According to another report from the state run agency, Mohaqeq in his meeting with the French Ambassador to Afghanistan thanked him of his condolence to the Hazara ethnic for what had been took place during a demonstration in Dehmazang area of the capital, where tens of people have been killed and wide number injured.
French Ambassador, Franswa Rishia said Daesh linked individuals killed 230 people in France and recently committed a similar crime in Dehmazang area of the Afghan capital, Kabul, the agency reported. The Deputy CE said Daesh, by committing the crimes wanted to create discord between the people and the government, and spread fear and dread among the citizens, as it did in Europe, America and Turkey earlier, the agency added. He said Daesh was a bloodthirsty group and the enemy of the whole human being, and needs a joint global campaign to be eliminated.

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