Terrorism International Phenomenon, Should Be Jointly Fought, President Ghani

Wednesday September 7, 2016

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a meeting with the Deputy Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Abdullah al-Mazid called terrorism an international phenomenon which should be fought jointly, Presidential Palace said in a statement the other day. Thanking the Saudi Arabia’s cooperation in war on terror with Afghanistan, the president said a joint exchange of information between the two countries would be too effective in reduction of terrorists’ threats in both Afghanistan and the region. The president, according to the statement, agreed with the definition of terrorism offered by the deputy defense minister of Saudi Arabia and said there was no exception in the type of terror.
President Ghani added that terrorists should be fought ideologically, as it is impossible to eliminate them in the battlefields, the statement said quoting the Saudi Deputy Defense Minister of having a similar vision about terror and the fatwa released by the Saudi Clerics on terrorism.
He said his country’s security forces were capable to defeat militants considering their military skills and experiences, but needed enough equipment and weaponries to go ahead in this field and called for a joint war against the main source of terror. Saudi defense official al-Mazid also condemned terrorists of recruitment needy people to use them as tools for their targets, said the statement. He said in the past, militaries were fighting against enemies face to face in the battlefields, but they are no engaged in war on terrorism, he also said the idea of terrorism should be fought rather to persist in fighting them in the war fronts. To conclude, President ordered the security forces for a joint effort with the Saudi Arabia’s defense ministry’s technical team to help the regional security and stability improved, the statement said.

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