Three Armed Taliban Killed

Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Three armed Taliban killed in Ghazni province last night.
Nazifullah Sultani spokesman of 203 army corps said BNA, three armed Taliban killed and another arrested as a result of special operation launched by international forces in relevant areas of Gelan district of Ghazni province.
Also a mine planter while planting a roadside mine killed in Qarabagh village, Ghazni province.
According to another report, as a result of gunfire among illegal armed gunmen, one killed and another injured in Parwan province.
General Khalilullah Zeyaee police chief of Parwan said BNA, the incident occurred in Capital of that province last night.
The source added, so far the identity of the wounded and dead is not yet known police has started investigation.

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