Too Difficult To Fill Marshal Fahim’s Vacuum, Analysts

Monday, March 10, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Muradi head of the First-Vice President described his demise an irreparable loss under the ongoing sensitive circumstance.
“While the country is facing many problems, with the ongoing peace process and upcoming presidential and provincial council’s elections, Marshal Fahim’s death would help challenges further upsurge.
A number of the country’s political analysts in an interview discussed the personality of the only Marshal of the country, Mohammad Qasim Fahim and described him a prominent Jihadi figure.
Ahmad Sayidi believed Marshal Fahim was a distinguished personality of the country and according to him, his personality became well-known after Ahmad Shah Massoud’s assassination.
“Under the sensitive status quo, it is too hard to fill the vacuum created by Marshal Fahim’s demise”, Sayedi said adding there were perspectives that the Jihad and resistance structure was due to collapse after Massoud’s assassination, but Marshal was the only one who could keep it alive and stable. “His demise is a great loss.”
Deputy Education Minister, Mohammad Asef Nang also called Marshal Fahim a great supporter of education and added education development in the country was not possible unless the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with a great share and cooperation from Marshal Fahim was behind.
He said Marshal was in the education and higher education boards and his presence was the main backrest of the country’s education system. “We have lost one of our great supporters.”
Another jihadi figure and man of resistance, Intezar Kohdamani believed Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, since his springtime, could bravely fight and resist against both red and black invasions during the last three decades of Jihad and resistance.
He was an experienced military personality and tried his best to help peace and security restore in the country, where he was awarded Marshal Degree for his incomparable services.

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