Trade Reduction Between Afghanistan, Pakistan

Saturday August 6, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The government of Afghanistan reporting that recently, due to some reasons, worth $500 million has been reduced in trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The in-charge of chambers of commerce and Industries said, increase in use of Chabahar Port by Afghan merchants is the reason behind reduction of trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The amount of this reduction estimates nearly $500million. Nasrat elucidated that the solution should be sought for maintaining both nations. Otherwise, transit restraints by Pakistan would cause the trade between the two countries to be further declined. At the same time, Azrakhsh Hafezi in a telephone conversation told there are many reasons behind this move, but two of them are mentionable which are as follow: First, the government of Pakistan didn’t provide necessary facilities to the Afghan capital holders due to political crises between the two countries, and second the Afghan merchants have not been treated well, and with each passing day they were facing much problem.
He believes that based on APTA decision, Pakistan didn’t provide necessary facilities for our merchants and additionally, they had no good behave with Afghan merchants as well and also were annoying them. Finally, the Afghan capital holders were compelled to provide alternative for their commercial activities. They transferred their merchandized to central Asia via Chabahar port of Iran. Hafezi stated. He added, because of this, the government and merchants of Afghanistan were forced to import their importing items especially initial materials from central nations and Iran. So, the level of trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan has been reduced. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s minister of commerce and industries, Khurram Dastgir reported to the senate of his country about increment of commercial exchanges with Afghanistan. He told senators that commercial dealings between Afghanistan and Pakistan is increasing and now, has been reached to $2.8 billion annually.
He reasoned construction of new land borders in border areas of Torkham, Chamen and Waga. These assertions are in contraction with the assertions made by the in-charges of commerce and industries of Afghanistan. Based on some reports, a great number of Afghan traders selected Chabahar port for their transit route. They say since long, we are facing with problems by Pakistan in transit of our commercial commodities. According to them, although several transit agreements were signed between Afghanistan and Pakistan, but these agreements were violated by Pakistan and the latter didn’t provide necessary facilities to the Afghan merchants. So, they were compelled to find another option. At the same time, recently, the people of Afghanistan had shown no interest to purchasing of Pakistani products. They believe, with purchasing of Pakistani commodities, their money are changing into explosive materials and will use for killing innocent Afghans. Based on data released by ministry of commerce and industry of Afghanistan, annually, this country has worth $500 million export and worth $8.2 billion import from abroad, that majority of them belong to Iran and Pakistan. Similarly, the salary of the Afghan government officials is paid by Afghani currency and the fluctuation comes into being between dollar and Afghani, reduces the strength of purchase by government employees.
Shukria Kohistani

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