Transparent Elections To Revitalize Afghanistan-World Relations

Wednesday March 26, 2014
Kabul (BNA) As the dawn of 5 April 2014 heads closer, the people of Afghanistan also become more energetic and enthusiastic to commute to the polling stations and cast their votes for marking the destiny of their country with their own hands.
Undoubtedly, the upcoming presidential and provincial councils’ elections have major important both to the Afghan nation and international community.
Because the successful election will further develop reputation of Afghanistan in world political and it will guarantee long term cooperation of world nations to the country beyond the drawdown of international forces from the country by the end of the year. However, holding of April elections are one the major aspirations of the Afghan people. But at the same time there are some challenges that could overshadow legitimacy and credibility of the process.
Among the threats insecurity is one of the biggest issues which have always been discussed by the election commission of Afghanistan, people and the world. Couple of weeks before the insurgents Taliban on the order of their foreign masterminds threatened the people to avoid voting in the elections. But the enemies of Afghanistan including the Taliban must remember that this nation has taken the decision and Afghan people are committed to commute to the polling booths for the future stability of their country. It is a fact that in the Afghan society, the religious scholars can play crucial role in persuading the people in the towns and villages to cast votes as part of their national obligation.
It is hoped that our religious scholars contribute in convincing the people to largely cast votes in the elections, because the election besides strengthening political stability of the country also ensures national unity and harmony between the Afghans.
The elections will also foil the conspiracies of the enemies that want to sabotage the process and further extend their meddling in our internal affairs. The government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan must use all available sources to ensure transparency and fairness of the process to avoid any possible political confrontation in the country as already the aliens and the enemy are preparing to harm our nation be increasing political disharmony and disagreements. 2014 elections will start a new chapter between Afghanistan and the world.
International community has asked the government of Afghanistan to work hard and use all available sources to conduct the elections in free and fair manner. Recently, the UN special representative to Afghanistan assured that there won’t be discontinuity to international financial assistance to Afghanistan post-2014 and asked the government to help the elections be conducted in transparent way.
A high ranking official from the UNAMA and UN Secretary General Special Envoy who also deals the UN cooperation to Afghanistan Nicolas Heism has was warned any fraud and illegitimacy in the polling could harm international cooperation to Afghanistan after 2014 and the UN assistance could be overshadowed which will leave damaging consequences on the country.
The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) expressed satisfactions over the political commitments and technical preparation which have been undertaken by the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC). UNAMA has also highlighted access of the people to the election centers in some cold and remote regions including northern Badakhshan province and some regions in the central parts of Afghanistan, but has urged that the elections should be conducted as per schedule on 5th April 2014. The UNAMA has assured to fully monitor the electoral process so that transparent and legitimacy of the polling is ensured.
The oppressed people of Afghanistan expect that the presidential candidates explain their platforms and future strategies on the basis which they run the elections in comprehensive and explicit manner to the people and campaigns should be conducted in a way that further strengthening national unification and consolidation among the Afghans. The Afghan people are preparing to commute to the polling stations to select the next president and to further contribute in the democratic process and rule of law. Undoubtedly, holding of 2014 presidential election is a milestone towards Afghanistan future political stability and economic development. The free and fair elections could persuade the world community to reaffirm their longstanding cooperation to Afghanistan post-2014 and continued backing the country in all spheres including peace restoration, security maintenance and financial cooperation to the country. 2014 presidential elections could be a good platforms for strengthening a unified Afghanistan and prove the world that this wasn’t an easy task to suppress this nation and destroy their country by bring gaps among its ethnic groups.
This reveals that the election candidates have great influence in helping the country to move towards prosperous future. The candidates should strive to explain their programs to the people by realizing the ground realities and the current sensitive situation of the country so that the people cast votes under the environment of trust and confidence. The people of Afghanistan after suffering three consecutive decades of war and violence realize that disunity and a dispersed society never support their future and it increases national issues. One of the fundamental principles of a democratic society is to enhance tolerance and trusts and to work a stable country by acting upon the principles of democracy, rule of law and unity. 

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