Troops Praised For Successful Elections’ Security

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Shir Mohammad Karimi praised the security forces in southern province of Paktia, where he was leading a high-level delegation in his recent tour on Tuesday.
According to BNA, while appreciating personnel and officials of the national army for taking firm security of the elections, in the province, Karimi said a secure successful election was the result of full coordination among the security forces and cooperation of the people. He said the Taliban had warned to create fear among the voters and disrupt the election, but failed by remarkable participation of the people in the process.
Chief of army staff also lauded the encouragement of the media outlets prompted large number of people towards the historical event, and said they had played their national responsibility to help hasten wide participation of the people to the polling centers and use their franchise for their favorite hopefuls. He said the people are now further trusting in their security forces than ever, as it was shown during the April ballots.
Karimi awarded some appreciate letters and contribution to some personnel and officer of Tander army corps in the province.

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