Turkey Reiterates Support for Afghanistan

Kabul (BNA) On the sidelines of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Foreign Ministers’ Conference, Mohammad Hanif Atmar Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan met his Turkish counterpart, Mr. Mevlüt Çavuşoğl, a MoFA statement said.

During the meeting, the Turkish Foreign Minister congratulated the Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs on the success of the Afghanistan 2020 Conference in Geneva and reiterated his country’s support for Afghanistan. Atmar thanked Turkey for its continued support, adding that friendly relations between the two countries are of paramount importance. Mr. Atmar described Turkey’s support for Afghanistan as “very important” in various areas, especially in the area of peace.

Çavuşoğlu emphasized his country’s full cooperation with Kabul on various spheres assuring FM Atmar of Turkey’s commitment to the financial assistance announced in Geneva. He added that Turkey would expand the scope of its assistance to the Afghan government as further development in good governance is achieved, according to the statement. Referring to the high level of violence, Cavusoglu said his country wants an immediate ceasefire in Afghanistan.

He added that, in addition to accelerating efforts to build a regional consensus on peace, Ankara is ready to host Afghan peace talks considering the latest developments and their ramifications.

At the end of the meeting, the Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs thanked Turkey for its supportive role played at the Geneva Conference and for its commitment to financial assistance.

Mr. Atmar praised the long-standing ties between the two countries, adding that the Afghan people were pleased with Turkey’s support for peace, the statement added.

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